About Us

N2 Learning (N2) was established by founding partners Roz Keck, Danny Modisette, and Keith Sockwell in June 2011 with a mission to help school districts achieve their highest aspirations. Since Sockwell's retirement in 2013, N2 has welcomed partners Eddie Coulson, Ed.D. and Ken Helvey, Ed.D.

N2 drastically increased its reach in 2016 with the additions of Senior Associates
Susan Borg, Ed.D., Betty Burks, and Linda Mora, Ph.D. and Associate Stephanie Edgar who each offer a wide range of valuable expertise and experience in public education to client districts.

Since its establishment, N2 has worked with education entities across the state of Texas and beyond on projects characterized in four major categories: Assessment & Accountability, Leadership Development, Planning & Facilitation, and Search Services. In addition, we manage and facilitate Texas’ statewide Principals’ Institute, the Executive Leadership Institute for central office individual and team development, and a Learner Focused Leadership professional development series that provides a focused approach and framework for instructional initiative implementation.

Core Principles

  • We will work with schools/districts/communities who are interested in transforming leading and learning
  • We will work with schools/districts/communities from where they are, and help them to move forward from there
  • We will work with districts to do things they have never done before, not to do what they are currently doing a little better
  • We will not have a packaged process
  • We will organize/initiate collaboration among leaders in order to develop meaningful lasting connections