As no two school districts are alike, no two N2 projects are alike. We are dedicated to partnering with clients to create a plan or process that meets your unique needs. N2 offers an extensive menu of services in the categories of Assessment & Accountability, Leadership Development, Planning & Facilitation, Search Services, and Transformational Learning Environments. In addition, we manage and facilitate Texas’ statewide Principals’ Institute and the Executive Leadership Institute for central office individual and team development.

Assessment & Accountability

In response to a growing desire to create measures of performance and accountability, N2 has a genuine desire to help you create a plan of action that ensures initiatives continually grow and achieve desired results over time. We provide customized:

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Leadership Development

Continuous learning and growth is critical in any role. We work with you to challenge the thinking of educators at any level to ensure innovation, creativity, and collaboration through customized:

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Planning & Facilitation

While organizations work through goals and objectives, the need to create planning initiatives for specific purposes often arises. We work with you to meet your highest aspirations through customized:

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Transformational Learning Environments

Rather building new or redesigning current space, creating a learning environment that support imagination and innovation is undoubtedly key to student success. The N2 Learning team offers facilities, operational, and curriculum experience that can help you develop a new vision for facilities through customized:

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