In 2010, the Principals’ Institute (PI) was established with an emphasis on operationalizing the work of the superintendents’ Visioning Institute and its product, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas (Visioning Document). PI is a year-long professional development series that provides a unique opportunity for principals to understand why transformation of public education is necessary, and develop the knowledge and skills required to lead and build the capacity to sustain transformation over time.

The future of Texas public schools depends on the quality of its leaders. Attending PI allows principals to experience one of the most noteworthy professional growth opportunities in their career and collaborate with the innovative PI network that now stretches nationwide. In 2017, PI introduced Schools Transforming Learning, a designation program recognizing campuses led by PI principals that are making exceptional strides toward transforming learning for students.


Each session is developed by a Design Team consisting of former and current Principals’ Institute participants and the N2 Learning partners. This collaborative effort results in sessions focused on the topics and current issues relevant to the work of campus principals.

Session 1

  • Establish the purpose and begin developing the culture of the cohort
  • Introduce the Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas document and other publications that will be utilized throughout the Institute
  • Introduce resources and tools for reflection

Session 2

  • Adding value to the learning environment while inspiring creative and innovative thinking
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and building a Professional Learning Network
  • Featured speaker: Dwight Carter

Session 3

  • Understanding the psychology of change and coping strategies
  • Utilizing student voice to create a culture of learning
  • Identify a transformation target
  • Featured speaker: Rob Evans

Session 4

This session will coincide with TASA Midwinter Conference.

  • Identifying implications of both organizational and personal change
  • Public education advocacy
  • Involvement in the legislative process

Session 5

  • Transformation target
  • Developing leadership at all levels
  • Featured speaker: Jill Siler

Session 6

Annual Conference:
  • Announcement and celebration of Schools Transforming Learning campuses
  • Breakout sessions focused on Transformation Targets implemented at STL campuses
  • Keynote Speaker