Toni Riester-Wood has more than 28 years of experience in education. She has served as a teacher, school pshychologist, principal, and central office administrator including associate and interim superintendent across small and rural to large, urban-suburban districts in the San Antonio geographic area.

Improving systems to enhance leadership, teacher agency, and academic performance for all learners, especially struggling learners, is a focus in Toni’s work with districts. Her leadership style and efforts energize and encourage people; fosters connected relationships and great teamwork, empowers and enables people to learn, grow and ultimately do their best work.

Toni is committed to providing collaborative servant leadership. Through her leadership, she promotes high expectations that are rooted in an unwavering belief that all children can learn and be successful.

Toni is an experienced facilitator of:

  • Strategic planning & scorecard development
  • Leadership development
  • Board training
  • Systematic special education program planning
  • Developing key work processes & evaluation metrics

Toni earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education from Texas Tech University. She holds a Master of Arts in School Psychology from Trinity University and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Texas A & M University. She has also authored publications focused on equitable school practices resulting in PK-12 excellence.